Join me on this journey called life

I’m a lover of  expressions. Poetry, blogging, writing, dancing. I also love working with children/young people and I am a true believer of self development.

So come journey with me as we talk about everything from thoughts, pressures, hurts, loves, relationships with others, relationship with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and practical tips on how to deal with different situations life brings. 

I have realised that life is too short to be a closed book. There are too many broken hearts and lack of hope out there that needs to hear words of encouragement and faith.

The three T’s: Truth, Transparency and Trust.

“When your true to who you are, life becomes much easier. We are all perfectly imperfect, allow your struggles and weaknesses to help and inspire other people. My Trust is in the one and only most high God Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach”.

I have fought against the storms and still standing, taking my past experiences and making lemonade.

I’m sure you are able to relate when I say: Life does not always go smooth and can really throw some blows!

However in the midst of it all God is very present. I believe every life experience good or bad can be turned around for you or someone else’s good.

“Who are you going to help today?”

I have faced many challenges regarding health, education and relationships, but through it all I’m still here!!!

Even though I am still going through the storms of life, I am able to see the bigger picture.

“Why me?”

“Why not me?”

As you read each blog and journey with me I hopes you will be inspired and blessed.

Be encouraged. Xx

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