In the midst of a storm

It’s not easy when you feel you are constantly being battered, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is even more difficult when you cannot express the pain you’re feeling becauseĀ  you don’t know where to begin.

Yes praying is easy to say and the typical christian thing to do, but what do you do when you can’t pray, when you don’t have the words and all you can say is:

Lord I…I can’t!!

Well I have news for you, you are not alone. Not all the time you are able to pray, bow down and worship or even talk to your Creator, sometimes all you can do is sit in the moment.

This thing called life doesn’t come with an instruction book. So guess what? We are all in the same boat, yep that boat called human. The boat will get rocky and at times you may even fall out, but that’s okay, just remember to get back in.

Peter walked on water and some where in the middle lost his focus and fell in. Jesus being the Father, He caught Peter and carried him across the water. This is just a reminder, regardless of where you are, Jesus will be with you and bring you back to where you need to be as long as you want Him too.

In the midst of my tears I was reminded that my mind, heart and soul belongs to Jesus and once I give my struggles to Him I will be okay.

Just like Job you will overcome.

Just like Job I will overcome

Just like Job WE will overcome!!!

Celica B xXx