Will I ever fit in?

1502144318315Alot of us have experienced at one time or another of not fitting in.

Many times I wonder am I ever going to fit in, am I ever going to connect to someone’s puzzle? Every time I think such things, that little voice in my head says “No”.

So I try to turn that no into a “Yes”, by making myself more available to others, more friendly and sociable.

But at what expense?

In doing that I become more uncomfortable and worst of all, the treatment from others did not get any better but worse. After doing all that I became angry with myself because in my eyes I tried and failed, which then seeped into feeling unwanted and not important. Soooooo why do I do it?

I guess all I wanted was a few people that will understand me, won’t just take but will invest. People who walk the same road of faith and knows how to just be themselves.  I guess, in this life we don’t always get what we want.

Let me stop and question myself for moment. Who says because I feel alone I actually am alone?

My support system may not be in the package I expected, but it doesn’t mean it’s none existent. It could just be that my pieces are all connected to one, two, three people I hold dear to me.

When it’s all done and dusted it’s not about who you are connected to, all that matters is whose you are connected to.

You may feel alone on this journey but you’re not. Remember you are never forgotten about in the eyes of the Lord.

Psalm 27:10

Thou my mother and father forsake me, the LORD will receive me.