New what?

She searched in the wild for a new life, she looked through the stain glass windows to see if she could catch a glimpse of it. She looked through the pages of life to see where she could skip to, but found nothing….. She waited for a new year to begin this new life, but the new year just brought in her same old life. So she took a step back and look at her life for what it really was, not for what she thought it could be.

Will she take back her life and create her own story? Will she be her own publisher and create her own illustrations?

She then said:
How can I possibly expect change in my life if I’m not changing! Days are grey, and pain remains, but I don’t want to continue to patch up the holes in my clothes and acting like everything is okay, because the truth is, it is not. How many times will I blame others for the wrong in my life, when I am my own author who can change the script at any given time?

I will no longer hide and be a prisoner of self. No longer sewing up these wounds from battle. It’s time to leave these wounds open and let them heal so they will not ooze out again. Taking life back, not for anyone but for self. Stabilisers off, training wheels off, run with the wind and be protected by His wings.

2019 Be Great!!